British Columbia to implement speed limiters and in-cab warning devices

BC introduces mandatory speed limiters and in-cab warning devices BC is introducing two new safety measures: 1) Speed limiters which will be effective April 5, 2024; 2) In-cab warning devices effective June 1, 2024. First new measure: Speed Limiters In an effort to increase safety measures BC has announced that on April 5, 2024 [...]

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Scam targeting new carriers and their new entrant audits

Watch out New Carriers! Scam emails imitating the FMCSA are being sent around. Watch out! A new scam targeting new carriers has been found. This new scam is imitating the FMCSA mandatory new entrant audit. This is an actual audit that all newcomers will be expected to complete within the first 18 months of [...]

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CARM and Carriers: Importing goods into Canada

CBSA introduces CARM for importers. Register before May 2024 Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has introduced its Assessment and Revenue Management system or CARM. This is to make importing goods into Canada more efficient and streamlined. Private Carriers bringing commercial goods into Canada will definitely want to take a look as it is most [...]

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Watch out! Motor carrier identity fraud on the rise

How to protect your business from fraud, and what to do if it happens There has been an unfortunate upward trend in fraud against driver motor carrier (MC) number over the last few months. The best defence is often a good offence. This means being aware of incidences and making sure that you are [...]

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New York fuel tax exemptions may have hidden consequences

Tax exempt fuel from New York may cost carriers in the long run. Drivers who purchased fuel from the state of New York may be in for a nasty surprise. The fuel tax suspension ran for seven months last year from June 1- December 31, 2022 was lifted January 2023. Basically distributers were required [...]

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Broker vs Dispatch vs Bona fide agents. What is the difference?

FMCSA to release guidance on what makes a broker vs dispatch There seems to be some confusion as to what makes a broker and what they can do compared to a dispatcher or bona fide agent.  At end of last year, the FMCSA released some clarification on what constitutes each service. These services are [...]

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Virginia Changes to Oversize Permits for Oversize loads

July 1 sees changes to flagging requirements for Virginia oversize loads  Virginia is changing how oversize loads need to be marked for transport as of July 1, 2023. There are two changes: Non-commercial vehicle: When the load on any vehicle exceeds four feet or more beyond the rear of the bed or body of [...]

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U.S. Removes Covid-19 vaccination restrictions for borders May 12

Travel no longer restricted for non-U.S. residents entering the United States The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just announced that all U.S. Covid-19 vaccination restrictions will be dropped at the United States land and ferry borders starting May 12. As per the release from the DHS “Beginning May 12, 2023, DHS will no [...]

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FMCSA to change motor carrier dismissal process

Applications for authorities will no longer be able to be undismissed after 90-days Heads up! The FMCSA is cracking down on requests for operating authority’s that go beyond 90-days. If your application goes beyond the 90-day period and you miss any pertinent paperwork, your motor carrier operating authority request will be dismissed and you [...]

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