New regulations for CMV drivers with Type 1 Diabetes

FMCSA introduces new rules for commercial drivers with type 1 diabetes. The FMCSA recently updated its regulations for commercial drivers with type 1 diabetes. Drivers with type 1 diabetes are insulin dependent and need medical exemptions from the FMCSA. As of November 19, 2018, a driver with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus (ITDM) can be granted [...]

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Mexican Carriers Operating in the United States: What you need to know

When transporting goods between Mexico and the United States, there are a few things Mexican carriers need to know. In a recent conversation, a client asked us about transporting goods between Mexico and the United States. This conversation inspired us to put together this blog post full of information for Mexican carriers. So, if [...]

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ELD Mandate Enforcement in New York Ceases

The State of New York is Stopping ELD Enforcement in Wake of OOIDA Lawsuit The state of New York is ceasing to enforce the ELD mandate upon the filing of a lawsuit from the Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association. OOIDA is basing its lawsuit on the fact that the state has failed to incorporate the [...]

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UCR 2019 Fee Deadline Delayed

*New*  UCR renewal is now open visit us here for more information Don’t pay your 2019 UCR registration just yet. Hold off on paying your 2019 UCR Registration fees for the time being. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) is still completing their rulemaking processes for 2019 fee levels. Once the processes are [...]

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Carrier Renewals: Top 5 Renewals for Fleets.

A new year means carrier renewals are coming soon. The end of another year means the start of annual renewals that expire on December 31st. Be sure to get your carrier renewals processed before they expire to avoid any downtime with your fleet, or costly fines for not having paperwork processed. Here is a [...]

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Where Do You Need Tire Chains?

We have listed the rules and regulations of each state and province as to where and when you need to put tire chains on. It’s getting to be that time of year again folks, when the ice and snow start to fly (brrrr!). This means refreshing your knowledge on safe winter driving, and how [...]

Peace Bridge Closed to oversized and overweight loads

If you do oversized or overweight loads and use the Peace Bridge in New York, then you have to read this!   Due to construction, the Peace Bridge will be CLOSED to oversized and overweight loads from October 15, 2018, to May 15, 2019. The Peace Bridge is undergoing a major rehabilitation project, and it [...]

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HOS Reform listening session

Hours of Service Reform Those that drive heavy commercial vehicles now have a chance to have their say on one of the most critical pieces of legislation in their daily lives. Hours of Service. The FMCSA is inviting the public to its second listening session on Hours of Service reform. They are seeking [...]

 New York Highway Use Tax Renewals Starting Soon.

Get ready for October 1st, as NY HUT renewals will start. New York Highway Use Tax (HUT) will be part of your annual renewals this year if you drive commercially within that state on public highways. Toll-paid portions of the New York State Thruway are excluded from the Highway Use Tax. This will be the [...]

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