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Vehicular accidents can ruin absolutely anyone’s day, but for big rig drivers, an otherwise run-of-the-mill accident can ruin their career. There’s no doubt that accidents with semi-trucks can be detrimental for other drivers, but the legal system also has made it so that truck drivers have to fear for their livelihood even when an accident wasn’t totally their fault. Luckily, a little preparation can ensure that a trucker avoids common accidents and knows how to properly respond if they do occur.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

There are many different causes of trucking accidents, and as most truckers probably know, they’re not all related to the big rig driver’s driving. In fact, the majority of trucking accidents are caused by the drivers of smaller passenger vehicles. Drivers who ignore the often present “Stay 100 Feet Back” signs are a huge contributor to trucking accidents. Additionally, drivers who unsafely change lanes or try to pass trucks on the wrong side also attribute to many crashes.

Of course, there are times when truckers cause these accidents as well. Trucker-caused accidents are often results of a driver’s negligence and, unfortunately, this can reflect badly on all truckers. Accidents caused by big rig drivers are frequently the result of fatigue, speeding, unfamiliarity with streets and even drug use. Those at fault for the accident will play a huge role in driver liability.

The Nuances of Liability

It’s important to realize that, just because the driver of a smaller vehicle wasn’t at fault for a big truck accident, it doesn’t mean that the truck driver was either. Unfortunately, a victim of this type of wreck will likely have a lawsuit brought forth that includes the truck driver, but if the accident was due to the negligence of a third party, good legal representation will ensure that the truck driver is treated fairly. It’s important to find good representation in the area the accident occurred, for instance if the accident happened in New York City then hiring a New York injury lawyer would be the best choice. By doing so, the attorney from that area will know the ins and outs of that particular state law and thus will be able to give the best defense possible. Most personal injury lawyers also will provide a free consultation.

Tractor trailer companies will often be named in lawsuits, but many of these companies engage in practices, such as only using independent contractors, that are aimed at reducing their liability. If faulty equipment caused an accident however, a truck driver shouldn’t be held liable for this. Additionally, loaders could have been responsible for the accident. Sadly, as previously mentioned, the trucker, regardless of their level of fault, will still likely be listed as a party to the suit.

The Aftermath for the Truck Driver

The task of handling an accident begins right at the scene. Every truck driver should be adept at making a report of the accident. This report should say, in detail, exactly what happened and the role that each driver had in the incident. Additionally, it’s important to get contact information from the other driver and witnesses if possible.

Auto insurance information should also be gathered from the other driver. All of this information will need to be passed on to an attorney. Some people don’t bother to get legal help when involved in an accident, but truckers really don’t have this luxury since their livelihood is on the line.

Truckers should also attempt to get any photographic evidence that they can at the scene. This is why drivers should always carry a camera. Photos should be taken of the scene of the crash, the original positions of all vehicles involved and even damage to the other vehicle. Additionally, a truck driver should refrain from being argumentative or admitting fault at the scene. Due to varying state laws, a driver may have no clue as to who is at fault for the accident.

When it comes to vehicular accidents, there’s no rule that says truck drivers are always the ones at fault. Unfortunately, some attorneys looking for big paydays will sometimes track down those injured in big truck accidents and try to take on their case. Luckily, there are also attorneys out there whose goal is to protect big rig drivers from unfair consequences after a wreck. If the other driver was at fault for an accident, it doesn’t matter how big the truck they hit was – they were still at fault.

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