There are thousands of automobile accidents that occur in the United States every single day. Unfortunately, some of these accidents do involve tractor trailers. It is obvious that any big truck accident can cause serious harm, but from the way lawyers ads portray these incidents, a person could likely believe that these types of accidents are a common occurrence. People believe that truck drivers should have to be more responsible than other drivers on the road due to the size of their vehicles, but as it turns out, new studies show that they already are.

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Study

The Study A group of researchers working for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration undertook a study to pinpoint the main causes of several types of accidents. The study focused on motor vehicle accidents in 2010 that resulted in fatalities and the type of vehicles involved in the accidents. The experts conducting the research separated truck driver results from passenger vehicle driver results to find out how safe big truck drivers are. The results may be shocking to some, but they are the results that members within the trucking community likely suspected all along. The study went into depth regarding the nearly thirty-five hundred trucking accidents that resulted in fatalities in 2010.

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Our personal injury lawyer New Hampshire based law firm, points out that the results showed that one-third of all of these accidents were caused by drivers who negligently engaged in behaviors such as inattention, speeding and fatigue. This statistic may seem high to the layperson, but the statistics also showed that two-thirds of fatal accidents involving drivers of passenger cars were caused by these same factors. This provided obvious proof that when truckers are involved in fatal crashes, it is much less likely that they were negligent in any way.

Other Safety Concerns

The aforementioned factors that contributed to one-third of all trucking related fatalities are of course not the only possible causes. Drivers in any vehicle become much more likely to cause a deadly accident if they are driving under the influence. In an effort to see how many fatal accidents were caused by drinking and driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted their own survey. They were also able to compare big truck drivers to passenger vehicle drivers, and the results just go to further the idea that truckers are safer than other drivers on the road.
This particular study found very interesting information showing that the percentage of fatal accidents caused by those driving under the influence (DUI) lowered as drivers got older. The main statistic affecting truckers, however, was the fact that only two percent of big truck drivers involved in fatal crashes were over the .08 percent legal blood alcohol content (BAC) that applies to most drivers when their wrecks occurred. This is in stark contrast to car, motorcycle and light truck drivers, whose DUI accidents made up between twenty-two and twenty-eight percent of all fatal crashes.

Any type of fatal accident is a detrimental occurrence. Unfortunately, these accidents are bound to happen in a world whose main mode of transportation is motor vehicles. The results of the aforementioned studies show without a doubt that truckers are likely the safest drivers on American highways. Their diligent training and strict adherence to the rules of the road will likely continue to make them the safest motorists to be around on a highway.

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