Compliance laws affect more types of drivers than you would expect

Do you drive a vehicle over 10,000 lbs (4,500kg)? Or haul heavy loads with your pickup truck? If so, there are transportation laws you need to be aware of.

Who Might be Affected?

When people think about laws that apply to heavy vehicles they tend to think only of semi trucks and trailers. Rarely do they think that these laws apply to smaller vehicles, but these laws apply to many vehicles over 10, 000 lbs. Who else might fall into this weight category? Well there are a variety of users that can be affected such as:

·         Landscapers

·         RV haulers

·         Tow truck operators

·         Service vehicles

·         Box vans

·         Buses

·         Pickup trucks and trailers

There are some surprising industries that may be affected if they take on special projects. How about an industry such as marketing? Did you know some of those marketing booths that travel around may require the same licenses and permits as a trucking company?

The most commonly misunderstood vehicle is the pickup truck. They can quickly become more then just a light work vehicle. They are, by definition, a commercial motor vehicle.  This means if you use this truck, get paid, and the total weight of the truck and or trailer is more than 4, 500 kg or 10, 000 lbs, you are treated just like a tractor trailer!

Considerations for Thought

If you are not an expert in transportation laws, here are some things that need to be considered when planning on operating a commercial motor vehicle:

·         Proper licensing and authorities may be required

·         Restriction as to weight on tires and axels

·         Proper plating and registering of the vehicle

·         Additional registrations if going out of state/province

·         Driver hours of service regulations

·         Customs registrations and eManifests if crossing the border

And more…

Make sure if you are moving inter-provincially, you have all required permits for each province you plan on travelling into.  Even more factors need to be considered if you are travelling internationally into the United States. See our post on Cabotage Rules for the Canadian Driver for more information on crossing the border.

 Other considerations: IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement). Should you register? How do you register? Do you need to register for a single trip? All these questions and more are important to your business. For further information regarding IFTA please click here or check out our FAQ’s.  


Why Use a Consultant

If you are not an expert in traffic compliance for large vehicles, why not consult with someone who is? Peter Suess Transportation Consultant Inc (PSTC) can help you get all applicable permits, make sure that your vehicle and driver are on the right side of the law, helping you avoid fines, as well as costly hold ups along the way. We at PSTC are committed to helping you track driver hours, filling out manifests, obtaining permits, reporting IFTA fuel tax, training drivers, and so much more. PSTC can even help with your company’s green driving initiatives! Whether your job is a one-time trip, an occasional haul, or a round the clock trucking service, we can take the headache out of your business, by handling compliance and safety, while you concentrate on delivering the best possible product or service to your clients.


Have questions? Contact us, we’d be happy to help