As most of us deal with freezing cold temperatures reminding us we are still in winter’s harsh grip, one company is offering truckers across the US a free way to keep warm.  Shorepower Technologies is extending their free power incentive program until March 31, 2013!  That’s right free power hook up at participating truck stops across the US.


Staying warm this winter on the road just got easier.

With diesel prices rising, this cost-effective alternative to staying warm couldn’t come at a better time.   “Truckers can fully utilize and see for themselves how nice it is to ‘plug in,’ run all their devices that can use AC-power,” said Alan Bates, Shorepower’s vice president of marketing. “Truckstop electrification can also work in concert with onboard battery-powered and diesel-powered auxiliary power units, which saves truck and APU batteries. It can help APUs run longer between scheduled maintenances and extend their service life.”

Shorepower Technologies now have 55 locations across the US with planned additional 23 locations going live soon.  These current locations offer more then 1250 powered parking spaces, some including extra perks like cable tv and 480-volt power for hybrid refer trailers.  Not to mention the added perk of saving around $4000 in reducing idling costs!

The Department of Energy has a truck stop electrification locator making it easy to find out if you to can take advantage of this amazing free offer from Shorepower Technologies.

trucks plugged in with Shorepower

Stop idling and plug-in



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