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  • BOC-3

    PSTC can help you to get your BOC-3 set up to avoid delays in getting your operating authority approved.
  • We can make sure that your Biennial Update is completed seamlessly.
  • A Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) is a unique four-letter identifier for transportation companies. A SCAC is required for a carrier to cross into the United States in order to be identified by the United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP).
  • New York State imposes a highway use tax (HUT) on motor carriers operating certain motor vehicles on New York State public highways (excluding toll-paid portions of the New York State Thruway). The tax rate is based on the weight of the motor vehicle and the method that you choose to report the tax.
  • Renew your SCAC for easy border crossings. The US Customs and Border Patrol require you to keep a current SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) to identify carriers crossing into the United States.
  • UCR

    Created by the Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005, this annual registration is for registering and collecting fees operators of commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce.  Brokers and freight forwarders as well as leasing companies are also required to register and pay annual fees.  Fees collected are distributed to member states for use in DOT safety programs.  Failure to pay annual UCR fees can lead to fines and penalties.  Annual fees are determined by the number of vehicles. Brokers and freight forwarders pay just a single fee.
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