What is an Ontario Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration – CVOR?

All provinces in Canada are required to issue a National Safety Code number to all commercial carriers in their governing jurisdiction. Ontario calls this number a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration or CVOR.  This number tracks the compliance and safety record of applicable heavy vehicle operators across Canada.

The goal of this system is to monitor the safety of commercial vehicles and remove from service those operators who are unsafe. Carriers are required to comply with the following Acts:

  • The Highway Traffic Act
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
  • Public Vehicles Act
  • Motor Vehicle Transport Act
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • Fuel Tax Act

CVOR in Ontario has another meaning as well.  Not only can an operator have a CVOR but also any driver that holds a commercial class driver license, such as A or D.  For more information on this record please visit our blog.

Who Must Apply for a CVOR?

A CVOR certificate is required for commercial vehicles that are:

  • Trucks more than 4,500 kg gross weight or RGW (9,920 lb)
  • Buses more than 10 passenger seats
  • Tow trucks
    • A motor vehicle commonly known as a tow truck;
    • A commercial motor vehicle with a flatbed that can tilt to load and that is used exclusively to tow or transport other motor vehicles; and
    • A motor vehicle that is designed, modified, configured or equipped so that it is capable of towing other motor vehicles.

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Carriers that operate certain types of vehicles do not need a CVOR certificate. These vehicles include:

  • A truck or bus that is plated in another Canadian jurisdiction
  • A truck with a registered gross weight (RGW) and a gross weight of 4,500 kg or less, whether towing a trailer or not – see Determining RGW
  • A motor home used for personal purposes
  • A truck or bus leased by an individual for 30 days or less to move their personal goods, or to carry passengers at no fare
  • An ambulance, fire apparatus, hearse, casket wagon, mobile crane or tow truck
  • A pickup truck used for personal purposes
  • A truck or bus operating under the authority of a dealer plate or an in-transit permit
  • A bus used for personal purposes without compensation

Ontario based carriers will be registered in the province of Ontario and must obtain a CVOR in this province.  It will act as their National Safety Code number (NSC) and operating authority across Canada.  Canadian based carriers are not required to obtain operating authorities in other provinces outside their home jurisdiction.

Canadian based carriers from outside Ontario do not have to apply for a CVOR number.

US based carriers wanting to come to Ontario must apply for a CVOR number.

Mexican based carriers wanting to come to Ontario must apply for a CVOR number.

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How to Obtain a CVOR?

Carriers will have to fill out an application and submit it to the province of Ontario along with a $250.00 fee.  There is an additional $32.00 Knowledge Test fee for Ontario based carriers.

The following items must also be included:

  • Driver’s license number with jurisdiction and address of all officers or owners of the company. Ontario does cross reference the driver’s license information provide with their data base to weed out persons who operated as a carrier in Ontario but proved to have an unsafe safety rating. These persons will find it difficult or impossible to reopen a carrier operation in Ontario.
  • Proof of insurance. Ontario will not even look at any application if it does not include proof of insurance. Most insurance companies in Ontario recognize this and will issue a number once the carrier binds with that company. This is sufficient for Ontario.

CVOR Application Process

In October 1, 2013 the Ministry of Transportation implemented changes to the CVOR process. Carriers based in Ontario must have a company corporate officer, owner or partner complete and pass a multiple choice test at a local DriveTest location before a CVOR can be issued. The cost for this test is $32.00.

MTO Phone number:  800-387-7736 ext 6300

How Long Does it Take to Obtain a CVOR?

In total expect between 4-6 weeks to complete the process.  Once an application is received by the MTO  it will take  about 2-4 weeks to be issued the invitation to write the new Knowledge Test and an additional 1-2 weeks to get your CVOR in hand once you pass the test. Please note Ontario does not offer any temporary permit to assist carriers during the waiting period.

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Other Information

All CVOR’s are renewed annually. There is a $50.00 fee for a renewal. Ontario Ministry of Transportation will send out a renewal notice.

Carriers are reminded to update their information with the Ministry of Transportation as required. Carriers will have to contact the MTO to obtain a CVOR Update Application.

CVORs Responsibilities

A CVOR operator (carrier) is the person who is responsible for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle. The carrier is responsible for:

  • The conduct of the driver
  • The mechanical safety condition of the vehicle, and
  • The shipping of goods or passengers in the vehicle.
  • The carrier does not necessarily need to be the vehicle owner, but must hold a valid CVOR certificate when using vehicles that are leased or contracted.

Carriers are responsible for all the drivers and vehicles in their operation. For example, these responsibilities include:

  • Employing qualified and licensed drivers;
  • Monitoring the safety performance of drivers, including hours of service;
  • Resolving driver safety issues when they are identified;
  • Keeping vehicles in good, safe condition at all times;
  • Ensuring load security
  • Ensuring daily and annual/semi-annual inspections are completed;
  • Keeping records on file (e.g. vehicle repairs, kilometres travelled per year, annual inspection reports, etc.); and
  • Notifying the Ministry of changes such as name, address, telephone numbers, fleet data, kilometric travel, and changes in corporate officers, etc.

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