International Fuel Tax Agreement- IFTA

Let PSTC take the work out of IFTA fuel tax reporting. Give us your trip reports and we give you:

  • We offer free pick and delivery of IFTA trip reports in the GTA and some surrounding areas.
  • IFTA Reports can be sent directly or you can email, fax, or upload to our cloud server.
  •  Your IFTA Fuel Tax return filled and ready to submit or we submit them on your behalf.
  • We can prepare IFTA Fuel Tax returns for any North American Jurisdiction.
  •  We process New York Mileage taxes, Oregon Mileage taxes, Kentucky Mileage Taxes and New Mexico Mileage taxes at no additional cost.
  •  Do you have to pay New York Mileage taxes, Oregon Mileage taxes or both monthly, no worries we do them at no extra charge to you.
  •  We provide you with a complete break down of mileage and fuel purchases for each truck in the fleet.
  •  We monitor problem areas like drivers purchasing duty-free fuel or tax exempt fuel and report it to you as soon as we see it! Allowing you to address the problem quickly and saving you money. (for more information regarding the drawbacks of buying Duty-Free Fuel visit our blog and read our story “The Pitfalls of Duty-Free Fuel” .)
  •  A feature you don’t often see with other companies, we look at all documentation supplied to us. We inform you quickly if we find any irregularities, such as driver tampering of receipts, strange fuel purchases or form and function issues involving trip reports.
  •  Of course, we provide full support in the event of an IFTA audit.
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