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KeepTruckin Platform now at PSTC

PSTC is proud to partner with KeepTruckin to provide a complete and cost-effective ELD solution for your fleet.


With KeepTruckin’s ELD solution compliance has never been easier or more affordable. The KeepTruckin ELD hardware plugs directly into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and automatically records drive time keeping your drivers in compliance with U.S. and Canadian HOS rules.  Drivers can use their iPhone, iPad or Android device via Bluetooth to connect to the ELD device. Setup  takes just a few minutes. Once connected, fleet managers can automate log auditing, IFTA reporting, GPS tracking, and more.


Our clients use KeepTruckin’s Electronic Logging Device — the leaders in HOS compliance and driver safety.

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KeepTruckin Dashboard for ELD compliance for Canadians

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

The KeepTruckin ELD installs  in minutes. Simply plug it into the diagnostic port in your vehicle and wirelessly connect it to the KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App.

Electronic Logbook App

KeepTruckin gives your drivers a free and easy to use mobile application to record  their logs on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App is approved by the DOT and wirelessly syncs via Bluetooth  with the KeepTruckin ELD.

Web Dashboard

KeepTruckin automatically audits your drivers’ logs for violations and notifies you in real-time of any errors. Plus, from the KeepTruckin Dashboard you can GPS track vehicles, send messages to drivers, and quickly file IFTA reports.

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Is the ELD mandate giving you a headache?  Are you worried compliance will be complicated and expensive?

We can help.

With over 7,500 fleets already putting their trust in KeepTruckin for their electronic logs, you can be confident you can too.

PSTC has been a leader in safety and compliance for over 20 years.  We don’t just sell solutions we are your compliance experts!


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Watch the following videos to see how easy it is to start using KeepTruckin ELD solutions.

See how easy and quick it is to install the KeepTruckin ELD in your vehicle.

Tutorial video for drivers using the engine-connected KeepTruckin ELD to automatically log their driving hours in compliance with the latest FMCSA standards

Learn about the KeepTruckin ELD system and its primary features for both drivers and fleet managers.

For as little as $20 a month you can have great ELD technology at your fingertips!