Hours of Service & Driver Log Auditing

Now more then ever carriers can’t afford to overlook their drivers’ Hours of Service. Not only does not knowing increase your violations and impact your safety rating, but it is also the law. By sending your logs to a service provider, you free up time to focus on what is important to you, enforcement and compliance, because we do the hard work for you.

Our Driver Hours of Service Logbook Auditing services include:

  • Canadian Hours of Service and US Hours of Service checked
  • Border crossings duty status location checked
  • Falsification
  • Missing Logs
  • Speeding
  • Form and function violations
  • Co-driver reconciliation
  • We also have the ability to track additional carrier specific requirements such as driver ID

Our service also checks Vehicle Inspections:

  • Form and function
  • Vehicle inspection time reconciled to Driver Log Book
  • Ensure compliance to regulation even for off duty logs and personal mileage

Remember if a vehicle inspection is not filled out or filled out incorrectly you maybe liable in the event of an accident for not checking your vehicle before operating. This can and will have a serious impact on your Safety Rating and insurance.

Full set of reports and sign off sheets:

You will also receive a Summary of All Violations report generated by your company’s terminal. These statistics show which days of the week and weeks of the month where most violations occur. This is useful for dispatchers to monitor drivers and their hours.

A Summary of the Driver’s Monthly Activity report totals miles or kilometers driven, total hours driving and on duty. This report also generates an account of a driver’s speed.

The Month-by-Month Graph will show any improvements made by your drivers and the company as a whole.

Acid testing (validating accuracy):

Acid testing driver’s daily HOS log with supporting documents.

Auditors do this, you should to!

For a small extra fee we are equipped to test your logs against supporting documentation, be it GPS, toll or fuel receipts, way bills or any other time stamped information.


PSTC is proud to announce that we now offer a selection of electronic logging solutions to fit everyone’s budget.   Let the experts help your company make the switch to e-logs.

Additional Hours of Service related services:

PSTC’s personalized service doesn’t end with auditing your driver’s daily logs, we continue to help our customers by providing follow up services. We can assist in the training of new or existing drivers with one on one training sessions, drivers meetings, aid your Safety Department in creating and managing Safety Bonus Programs, and more.

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