Approved ELDs

Make sure your choice of ELD is accepted by the FMCSA

Another ELD device has been added to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s list of revoked ELD devices. This time the banned device comes from ArionT, model number AT5000.

This is the first device that has been revoked by the FMCSA, the rest having been self-revoked by their companies. ArionT’s model has been added to list as it did not meet the minimum standards.

You can check out the full listing of FMCSA revoked devices. So far about 60 different devices are listed. The list will also explain the reason the device has been added.

Carriers using a revoked device must stop immediately and are allowed to use paper logs or logging software for up to 60 days as an interim solution.

That being said- time runs out by August 24th for anybody still using ArionT ELD- after this date if caught using it carriers will be considered not compliant and can face penalties. Penalties include being placed out of service for not having a record of duty status.

The ELD manufacturer does have the option of upgrading the ELD to make it compliant, but anyone using ArionT’s ELD is encouraged to make an alternate plan to stay compliant after August 24th.

What if my ELD device malfunctions?

If you are using a compliant ELD device and it malfunctions- don’t panic! You can still stay compliant. Good old paper logs come to the rescue in such a situation.

You will have eight days after that to repair or replace the malfunctioning ELD unit. If eight days is not enough time to get things fixed, you must file for an extension within the first five days of the ELD not working.

Extension requests go to or by contacting the FMCSA field office where you are located at.

Need a dependable ELD device?

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Drive in Canada? You can read more about the Canadian ELD Mandate here.