KeepTruckin ELD and GPS system

ELD and GPS Solutions in One Box

Your decision on how to manage your trucking fleet just got a lot easier.  Peter Suess Transportation Consultants are proud to announce their new partnership with KeepTruckin.  KeepTruckin is the leading provider of DOT and FMCSA-approved-and-compliant electronic logs for truck drivers, motor coach bus drivers and oil gas drivers.

One Box, Packed With Features

The KeepTruckin Electronic Logging Device and GPS tracking system delivers the best of both worlds, making it easy to manage your fleet, all in one place.  The system is easy to install in vehicles with an engine control module (ECM), connects via bluetooth, and comes complete with their Logbook App, available for both Android and iOS devices.

The Logbook App allows fleet managers to audit logs, get real-time GPS updates with breadcrumb location history, communicate with drivers in real-time, and get notifications when vehicles enter or leave locations via Geofencing.  The app also takes care of IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting, eliminating the need to enter mileage manually, and tracks vehicle diagnostics by automatically monitoring vehicle performance.  Furthermore, the ELD/GPS system tracks idle time, which reduces fuel costs by tracking excessive idling.

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