Carriers and drivers are urged to plan ahead if they intend to go into the state of Oregon.  Oregon recently changed their entry policy and now require trucks to have their Oregon mileage tax credentials before operating in the state.

Oregon Mileage Tax

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There is an exception if you are entering Oregon on I-5 @ OR/WA Border and going directly to Portland Bridge Office @ Jantzen Beach and purchasing Oregon mileage tax credentials. The Portland Office @ Jantzen Beach is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Drivers will be subject to citations and a fine up $435.00 when:

1. Entering Oregon on I-5 on the OR/WA Border and the Portland Bridge Registration Office is closed or you enter anywhere else and you do not have your credentials prior to entering the state.

2. You operate in Oregon without credentials, your Motor Carrier Account is suspended, or your vehicle registration is suspended.

While Oregon is a member of IFTA they are a zero rated tax state under IFTA.

Oregon does charge a mileage tax based on the number of miles traveled in the state.

Fuel purchases are tax-exempt when the Tax Credential is shown at the fuel station.

New registrants for Oregon Mileage Tax Credentials are required to post a $2000 bond and file monthly mileage reports.  Many new carriers opt to purchase trip permits instead.

How to get Oregon Mileage Tax Permits

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Carriers are urged to have the following when calling for a permit:

  • Carrier Name or Oregon Account Number and DOT Number
  • Vehicle Registration-Base Plate Number and State, completed Vehicle Identification Number, and Apportioned Weight for Oregon.
  • Maximum Declared Tax Weight and Number of Miles Operating in Oregon
  • Carriers must pre-approve drivers to purchase an Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier
  • Lease Documents if applicable
  • Fax Number where credentials is to be sent
  • Payment must made by VISA MasterCard Guaranteed Check or Pre-Approved Charging Privilege

Trip permits maybe purchased by phone by calling PSTC @ 877-796-7016 or the Salem Oregon Registration @ 503-378-6699.  You may also  use Oregon’s Trucking Online. 


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