MTO Changes to Spring Assembly Regulations

New Change to MTO Schedule 1 for Spring Assembly Regulations

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has released a change to Part 20: Suspension System in its Schedule 1.

Cracked or Broken Springs in any Spring Assembly Now Considered Major Defect.

The new regulations state, “cracked or broken main spring leaf or more than one broken spring leaf in any spring assembly.” The important thing to notice here is the line “in any spring assembly”, which is now considered to be a major defect.

Part 20 of Schedule 1 showing changes to Spring assembly regulations

Print one off and have it handy

Drivers are encouraged to print off a copy of Schedule 1 and carry it in their vehicles so that you are sure to be compliant. If you need a copy you can find one here.  If you have a copy of the old regulations shown in Schedule 1 in a printed booklet, the MTO says don’t worry about throwing away the whole thing. Just print off a copy of the updated Schedule 1 and keep it with your old booklet. The MTO is giving a year until March 2019 as an education period. This will allow organizations to move off their old stock of printed driver’s books and create new updated versions for drivers to carry in their vehicles.

More Information:

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