ontario extends due dates to renew

Ontario’s extension for licences and carrier products will be valid until September 30, 2020

Here is some good news for Ontario based drivers and carriers. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has extended the validity of any driver and carrier products that expired after March 1, 2020. This extension is good until September 30, 2020. This has been further extended past the original extenstion of July 1, 2020.

This, of course, is to help limit person to person contact at Service Ontario locations as much as possible to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

What products and services are extended?

The extension applies to:

  • Ontario commercial driver’s licences
  • International Registration Plan (IRP) cards
  • Ontario licence plate validation stickers
  • Online purchase receipts of validation stickers
  • Ontario Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) certificates
  • Annual and semi-annual inspections

Additional services that have been extended are:

  • Amended effective date for mandatory electronic emission test of heavy diesel commercial vehicles from July 1, 2020 to October 1, 2020
  • Anyone required to submit a medical or vision report to the MTO, the due date is extended by 60 days or more.

If you have one of the above documents that has expired, or will be expiring in the near future, you can cross renewing them off of your list of immediate concerns.

Even if you are driving across the border, you will still be considered legal. The FMCSA has stated that they will recognize expired licences issued by Canadian provinces. This includes extensions on medical exams, and certification or validity of corresponding commercial vehicle driver’s licences.

If you are making use of the extension be sure to have access to either an electronic or paper copy of the memo issued by the Ministry of Transportation in your cab. You can access the memo here.

As the extension has been extended past the original date of July 1, 2020 now to September 30, 2020 we have updated the waiver here for you to download.

Download MTO Waiver

Self serve options offered

Service Ontario has tried to put as many of their services as possible online for you to do at home. Be sure to check out the Service Ontario website to see what you can do from the comfort of your home.

You can also read the full list of extended services and products for both commercial and private use here.

Ontario IFTA is still being processed

Ontario is still processing IFTA registrations, reinstatements, and decals. You will need to be patient as it is being done very slowly. Because of this, Ontario is currently waiving all IFTA credential requirements within the province of Ontario. We have attached a waiver here for your use.

Download IFTA Waiver

Canadian COVID-19 Protocols by Jurisdiction

For up to date information on how each jurisdiction is extending deadlines you can view a spreadsheet compiled by the CCMTA on their homepage