ELD’s with warehouse times

Drivers can avoid long waits at warehouses with Facility Insight app

Keep Truckin has recently released a great new app as part of their electronic logging devices. Facility Insights is designed to show wait times at 60,000, and growing, different sites. Keep Truckin uses a huge database, (6.7 million unique visits for a six-month period!) to determine wait times over the course of each day.

This allows dispatchers to make carefully planned decisions about accepting and dispatching loads. This will result in savings to fleet owners who can then avoid detention time pay outs from being waylaid. It will also help maximize a driver’s time given they have to work within a given hours of service.

A survey conducted by OOIDA found that:

  • Drivers spend as As many as 40 hours per week waiting to be loaded or unloaded
  • Detention costs the industry more than $3 Billion per year
  • Wait times cost the public more than $6.5 billion per year

Facility Insights comes as part of the Pro and Enterprise packages.

We are a proud partner of Keep Trucking

PSTC is a proud partner of Keep Truckin and happy to see them add on to the already great services offered. We can help you get set up with their system and determine what level of plan you would need.

So, if you are searching for an ELD with warehouse wait times, look no further than Keep Truckin. They offer the best bang for you buck in pricing. Just check out this comparison chart:


What does the future hold?

Keep Truckin says that they will be adding a review feature. This is where drivers can submit their reviews about a facility. This way you’ll have more insight as to what to expect when you pull your truck up to pick up or drop off.

If you want to read more check it out straight from the source at Keep Truckin