Kansas’ ad valorem tax soon to be a thing of the past.

Map of the Kansas road system.

Spring is in the air and along with sunnier days comes an annual challange for carriers, filing Kansas’ ad valorem tax on the value of their rolling stock.    Since 1956 for hire carriers who operate in Kansas whether they are based there or not have had to file a Motor Carrier Property Tax return.  This has been a compliance nightmare, filing is complicated and it has become quite costly for carriers.

As of 2014 for hire carriers will no longer be required to file Kansas’ ad valorem tax, though you still must file for 2012 and 2013.

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The tax will be replaced with an additional registration fee paid by intrastate and interstate carriers.  Interstate carriers will pay this fee on their International Registration Plan (IRP) which will be prorated.  The expected for vehicles over 54,000 lbs will be $400.  This is expected to save carriers a lot of money.

Kansas’ ad valorem Property Tax will be due during the month of May 2012 be sure to file on time to avoid late fees and fines.

For more details, contact Tom Whitaker at the Kansas Motor Carriers Association at tomw@kmca.org.

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