Have you been looking for your  IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290  for the 2011 tax year?

You can  not find it because it’s not available yet.  The IRS has removed from all e file provider websites the 2011 Form 2290 schema and the paper return is not yet available.  This means no one can file their annual return.

What happened?

This excise tax is currently being held up in Congress and awaiting it’s approval.  This does not mean an elimination of the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.  It is just delayed at this time.

What might happen.

It is possible, though no one is sure yet, that Congress will approve a short filing period of three months covering July 1 – September 31.  After which additional time will be provided to file for the remainder of the filing period.  This is just speculation at this time.

But I have to renew/obtain my plates now what!

Provisions are in place to accept last year’s schedule 1 for the interm as proof of payment.  In the case of a new vehicle, you must show a copy of your  bill of sale showing that the vehicle was purchased by the owner during the 60 days before the date the state receives the application for registration.  State DMV/MVD’s and their respective IRP departments have all received notice of this provision.

Check back often for more details as they become available.  Or call our helpful staff at 1-877-796-7016.

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