fmcsa new portal

FMCSA has a new login portal for users

If you use the FMCSA government portal for any of your business, you will need to update how you login to access your services and account. Going forward you will access the portal through a Login.Gov account instead of your current FMCSA portal username and password.

Set up your Login.Gov access by December 1.

To maintain your access to the FMCSA portal you will need to set up a account by December 1, 2023. To do this the FMCSA has set up a help page to guide you through the steps.

Why is the FMCSA setting up a new login system?

The FMCSA is choosing to use this new system to implement multifactor authentication as the Federal Cybersecurity department is requiring all agencies to adopt multifactor authentication increase security. Seems like a good idea to us here at PSTC. We’ve written many a blog post about various scams and fraudulent activity that goes on in the trucking sector.  When it comes to protecting your business interests a higher level of security can’t be a bad thing.

To set up your new Login.Gov site the FMSCA has provided a guide on how to accomplish this.