December 2010 finally saw the FMCSA publish the long awaited proposed changes to the Hours of Service Rules.  Response was quick in condemning these new proposed changes as nothing more then a political gesture and not about public safety.

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The American Trucking Association has published a white paper and hosts a website in support of maintaining current Hours of Service Rules.  The information provided on this website certainly does support the idea that these new changes are not about safety, the most damaging is a recent press release from the ATA dated January 12, 2011 that implies the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) actually “misapplied it’s own crash numbers so as to elevate driver fatigue as the cause of truck crashes.”

Certainly what ever the agenda the result remains the same, the new proposed rules are complex, hard to justify and certainly will negatively impact carriers.  Now is the time for those in the trucking industry to speak out against this proposal.  The ATA’s website makes this easy as they provide a link and detailed instructions.  Please let’s let our voices be heard.

ATA’s website

FMCSA’s website

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