Did you just Google how to get a CVOR and found out it costs $250?

Did you start to panic a bit?

Your not alone.  I have received several phone calls from some frantic drivers lately asking how to get a CVOR.  Since it seems to be a popular question I thought I would answer it here and hopefully give you drivers some stress relief.

Ok so you’re a driver with a commercial license and you just went to a job interview.  You were asked for your driver abstract and your CVOR.  You had your driver abstract but are not sure what your CVOR is exactly.  Your search on Google came up with the Ministry of Transportation Ontario’s website that says it’s a Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration and it costs $250.00.  But wait a minute, isn’t that the operating authority?  Why are they asking for that you’re thinking.

What is a CVOR?

The MTO uses this acronym to mean:

Commerical Vehicle Operator Registration

Generally speaking a CVOR is the operating authority obtained by carriers based in Ontario and  US and Mexico based carriers choosing to operate in Ontario.

As part of the CVOR system the province maintains a data base of infractions for carriers and drivers while operating in Ontario.  These are called abstracts.

CVOR Abstracts

Carriers have two abstracts, a level 1 which is a summary of the carrier’s safety performance for a two-year period and available to the public.  A level 2 abstract is a detailed record of all infractions for a two-year period which also includes event data of collisions, convictions and inspections for five years.  This is available only to the carrier or their authorized agent.

Big Rig

Drivers who hold a commercial drivers license also have a separate CVOR abstract.  This is a record of their safety performance while operating a commercial vehicle and is separate from their passenger vehicle driver abstract.  It includes a five-year record of collisions and other safety related offenses while operating a commercial motor vehicle.  It will also include the license status and medical due date.

So when you as a driver are asked for your CVOR what they are actually asking you for is your CVOR Driver Abstract.  I know it is confusing as the acronym CVOR kind of means two different things in the way it’s used by the public but really it’s not.  So drivers don’t worry, you don’t have to spend $250 to get a CVOR, you just need to go down to your local Service Ontario office that deals with driver licenses and ask for your CVOR Abstract.

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