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Carrier profiles will now see two new violations on their Compliance, Safety and Accountability or CSA scores.

The system now tracks a new hours of service (HOS) violation created when rules changed on July 1, 2013. The new violation adds a 7-point severity weight for failing to take the 30-minute break before 8 hours of driving.  This will contribute to the Hours of Service Compliance Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category.

Short-haul drivers are currently exempt from the requirement to take a 30-minute break.

The second new violation added to CSA concerns alcohol.  It will create a severity weight of 3 for possession of alcohol thus creating a distinction between possession and consumption of alcohol.  Use or under the influence of alcohol will have a 5-point weight.

To recap it will be a heavier violation for your driver to miss their 30-minute break then for your driver to be under the influence of alcohol according to CSA!  Does this make much sense?

New Rules create a new out of service

The FMCSA notes that violating the 30-minute break will NOT be an out of service violation.  Violations concerning the 60/70-hour rule and restart provision will be an out of service.

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