Connecticut adds a monthly Highway Use Fee permits starting January 2023

And another state joins the Highway Use Fee group. Connecticut has just announced that they will be requiring applicable motor vehicles to apply for Highway Use Permit, and file monthly thereafter. This will be effective starting January 1, 2023.

This will apply to vehicles with a gross weight of 26,000lbs and greater or has a classification between a Class 8 and Class 13. The lucky winners that are exempt from this are carrying or transporting milk or dairy products to or from a dairy farm with a license to ship.

So that’s the bad news- another permit and more paperwork to file (if you travel in or through Connecticut at least). And it doesn’t matter if you are only planning on one trip through the state, you will still need to apply for a regular permit as they will not be issuing temporary Highway Use Permits.

But the good news? There is no fee to register for the Highway Use Fee with the Department of Revenue Services (DRS), and it does not expire.

At least you once you apply you don’t need to worry about yet another yearly renewal to add to your list.

That being said drivers and fleets will need to file and pay monthly for distances driven in the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut Highway Use Fee Rates

The rates are calculated as follows:

Rates: 26,000lbs-28,000lbs = 2.5 cents per mile

< 80,000 lbs= 17.5 cents per mile

Filing your CT Highway Use Fee

So, you are among those that need that start filing. How do you get started?

First up: Register with the DRS online at their myconneCT portal at

Once approved, the DRS will give the permit to the carrier to cover all vehicles. However, the carrier is responsible for putting a copy of the permit in each of the vehicles being used to drive in Connecticut.

What you will need to record for Connecticut’s Highway Use Fee

Each carrier will need to keep records, receipts, invoices to support the information that you file on your Highway Use Fee Return. You will also need to keep a list for each month of all of the eligible motor vehicles that operate in Connecticut, and these will need to be kept on file for four years after that month in case they are requested for review by the DRS. So much fun right?!

When are CT’s Highway Use Fee filings due?

You will have one month to file after each month. So, for example, when this starts January 1, 2023, you -will have until February 28 to file for the month of January.

And don’t forget that even if your registered vehicle does not drive in Connecticut for that month, you will still need to file a return each month stating that.

Clear as mud? Got questions?

Don’t worry the DRS has set up a dedicated- phone line to answer all your questions regarding Highway Use Fee. They can be reached at 860-297-5677 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Be sure to share the word, no one want to get caught unaware about this new Highway Use Fee, as no one wants to pay the fines. ($1000 for this one—yikes!).

Or if dealing with yet another government entity makes you shudder, you can always give PSTC a call at 877-796-7016 and chat with one of our friendly agents.