In the mail this morning I got an envelope from the MTO outlining some changes to CVOR applications starting October 1, 2013.  Ontario has began implementing recent changes to the Highway Traffic Act as part of its development of the New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program.

Ministry of transportation badgePart of this program will include a knowledge test.   New applicants as of October 1, 2013 must pass this knowledge test before a CVOR certificate is issued.  The test will consist of multiple-choice questions and must be complete in person at a Drive Test centre in Ontario.  The test is based on information found in the Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Safety manual which is available online.  The cost for the test will be $32.00 as will each additional test if you fail.  The only persons qualified to complete the test are:  an owner, sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer or a director of the corporation.

These new rules will only apply to Ontario based applicants.

CVOR poster on written test

MTO Poster

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