Fraudulent Marketing for KYU Annual Permits Circulating

Watch out for a false email advertising Annual Permits for Kentucky We have recently seen an email circulating to some of our clients marketing Kentucky Annual Permits. This email states that a KYU number is necessary for any vehicle that is 59,000lbs or heavier. Does Kentucky require an annual permit for commercial drivers?  This [...]

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The latest in Misleading Marketing: Biennial Update Certificates

What exactly is a Biennial Update Certificate? And do you need one? There is an email going around offering to give carriers a Biennial Update Certificate and optional ID cards as proof of compliance with the FMCSA’s rules on filing a biennial return. Here is a snapshot of the email: This email is a [...]

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MisleadingPortal Access Requests for U.S. DOT FMCSA

More Misleading Marketing in the Trucking Industry.   We at PSTC hate scammers, frauds, and underhanded business tactics. It gives a good industry with primarily good people and good businesses a shady side. This is why we are continuing our series of blog posts about misleading marketing in the trucking industry. This blog is [...]

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Misleading Marketing: Now Targeting Your DOT Biennial Update

Marketers are using Scare Tactics to Add You to Their Client List We no sooner hit the publish button on our blog about emails impersonating the FMCSA for gaining business, when we received an email using another alarming marketing tactic. This time the sender is using the U.S. DOT Biennial Update deadline as their [...]

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