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Keep Truckin introduces new app to save drivers waiting time

Drivers can avoid long waits at warehouses with Facility Insight app Keep Truckin has recently released a great new app as part of their electronic logging devices. Facility Insights is designed to show wait times at 60,000, and growing, different sites. Keep Truckin uses a huge database, (6.7 million unique visits for a six-month [...]

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How to Ace your Roadcheck Inspection: What to Expect and Common Roadcheck Violations to Avoid

International Roadcheck 2021 is set for May 4-6. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) says it will focus on lighting and hours of service this year. While COVID-19 makes everything a little different, Roadcheck will go on, with law enforcement personnel following all health and safety protocols. What is International Roadcheck? International Roadcheck is [...]

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What can I tow with this pickup truck

I am an avid RVer, and like many of you, I belong to many camping and RV forums. I am also a safety and compliance specialist for the trucking industry, so weights and measures, load security and legal mumbo jumbo are part of my daily life.  That is why this subject is near and [...]

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New study shows the perils of drowsy driving for trucks

A recent report from Governors Highway Safety Association published new findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which estimated that fatalities or injuries caused by drowsy or tired drivers in the United States have a combined ‘societal cost’ of approximately $109 billion. That estimated cost doesn’t even include property damage. This new information, as [...]

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Aggressive Marketing in the Trucking Industry

I have written about this subject before, scams and aggressive marketing in the trucking industry, it is rampant.  Clients tell me sometimes their heads spin with people calling and emailing all the time offering this service, that service and sometimes trying to make themselves out to be something they aren't in order to make a [...]

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Can you tow more than one trailer?

If you browse my blog you will notice I have written a few articles focusing on RVing, some have asked why. Well, the answer is simple, not only do I work with commercial vehicles, I love traveling around in our RV. As such I am part of several RV specific forums and groups. Many [...]

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CVSA changes some out-of-service criteria

With Roadcheck 2016 just around the corner, it’s a good time to remember that the CVSA has implemented changes to North American Standard  Out-of-Service  Criteria  (OOSC).  These changes came into effect April 1, 2016.   A quick recap of  new OOS elements are as follows: -Medical requirements for Canadian drivers, license class 5 or G holders who [...]

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Changes to the Ontario IRP program

Ontario recently announced changes to it's IRP program starting April 1, 2016, which will impact all new applicants under the International Registration Plan. Previously under the plan, new applicants were allowed to select a renewal month when they first apply to obtain IRP plates.  They were allowed to select any time period from three months [...]

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