Special Compliance Laws Apply to More than You Might Think

Do you drive a vehicle over 10,000 lbs (4,500kg)? Or haul heavy loads with your pickup truck? If so, there are transportation laws you need to be aware of. Who Might be Affected? When people think about laws that apply to heavy vehicles they tend to think only of semi trucks and trailers. Rarely [...]

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What can I tow with this pickup truck

I am an avid RVer, and like many of you, I belong to many camping and RV forums. I am also a safety and compliance specialist for the trucking industry, so weights and measures, load security and legal mumbo jumbo are part of my daily life.  That is why this subject is near and [...]

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Can you tow more than one trailer?

If you browse my blog you will notice I have written a few articles focusing on RVing, some have asked why. Well, the answer is simple, not only do I work with commercial vehicles, I love traveling around in our RV. As such I am part of several RV specific forums and groups. Many [...]

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Ontario Class G RV Exemption

If you just renewed your Ontario drivers licence and looked for any information about towing a fifth wheel recreational vehicle on it, you may have noticed something is missing and you’re not alone.  I have been getting many people emailing me about the Class G RV exemption lately and how [...]

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What is Ontario’s Class A and Class A Restricted Drivers License?

Taking the mystery out of Ontario’s Driver's Licenses A closer look at the Class A and Class A Restricted Licenses Many people ask about the different classes of Ontario Driver’s Licenses, including Class A Licenses. A big question for many of these people is what they can and can not drive or tow. Having the [...]

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GM Hitch Failure Can Happen to You

Hitch Failure Can Happen to You Image via Wikipedia Like many of you we are avid RVer's who take off down the road with our RV happily towed behind us off to seek fun and adventure.   What happens though when fun and adventure turns into disaster? This post is  about a safety [...]

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Ontario introduces new rules for RVers starting July 1 2011

Just in time for summer RVer's get a break This is a follow-up from our recent blog about proposed changes for RVers in Ontario.  Good news, starting Canada Day or July 1, 2011 RVer's with larger fifth wheel recreational vehicles will no longer be required to get a Class AR drivers license.  [...]

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