Year end renewal tips for trucking companies

What do Trucking Companies need to renew at the end of each year? The last quarter of the year means it's time to start looking at getting your renewals scheduled. It’s a busy time of year what with holidays and many people scheduling time off to celebrate, so it can be easy to miss [...]

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2020 UCR fees delayed

Hold off paying your 2020 UCR fees until the FMCSA proposal is finalized. The fees for the 2020 UCR season have been delayed as the FMCSA put forth a proposal for approval to decrease the fees again for the coming year. Last year saw fees reduced as revenues had exceeded the maximum allowed to [...]

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UCR 2019 Fee Deadline Delayed

*New*  UCR renewal is now open visit us here for more information Don’t pay your 2019 UCR registration just yet. Hold off on paying your 2019 UCR Registration fees for the time being. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) is still completing their rulemaking processes for 2019 fee levels. Once the processes are [...]

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Carrier Renewals: Top 5 Renewals for Fleets.

A new year means carrier renewals are coming soon. The end of another year means the start of annual renewals that expire on December 31st. Be sure to get your carrier renewals processed before they expire to avoid any downtime with your fleet, or costly fines for not having paperwork processed. Here is a [...]

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