PSTC Partners with KeepTruckin

ELD and GPS Solutions in One Box Your decision on how to manage your trucking fleet just got a lot easier.  Peter Suess Transportation Consultants are proud to announce their new partnership with KeepTruckin.  KeepTruckin is the leading provider of DOT and FMCSA-approved-and-compliant electronic logs for truck drivers, motor coach bus drivers and oil gas [...]

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2nd quarter 2014 IFTA Fuel Taxes Now Due

Summer is in full swing, time for family and fun but it's also the time for filing your second quarter IFTA fuel tax returns. International Fuel Tax Agreement or IFTA are taxes inter-jurisdictional commercial vehicles must pay to their home states or provinces.  Taxes are based on the number of miles/kilometers traveled and fuel [...]

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Oregon Changes Entry Policy – Plan Ahead!

Carriers and drivers are urged to plan ahead if they intend to go into the state of Oregon.  Oregon recently changed their entry policy and now require trucks to have their Oregon mileage tax credentials before operating in the state. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There is an exception if you are entering Oregon [...]

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Kentucky IFTA Sends Out Additional Tax Due Letters

In the past few days I have started to see letters from the State of Kentucky's International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) department requesting additional payment due for the quarter ending 9/30/2012.     According to the letter there was an error on the surcharge rate provided for the 3rd quarter 2012 and they are collecting the [...]

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Understanding IFTA Fuel Tax

Understanding the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) The International Fuel Tax Agreement was established to make the collection and reporting of fuel taxes simpler for drivers operating in the continental United States and Canada. Drivers are assigned a home jurisdiction and from then on submit all of their relevant paperwork through an office located [...]

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Why do Canadians pay so much IFTA Fuel Tax when they buy fuel in the United States?

Why do Canadians pay so much IFTA Fuel  Tax when they buy fuel in the United States? As fuel prices skyrocket I am getting this question more and more because traditionally fuel prices are cheaper in the United States as compared to most of Canada.  As carriers and drivers buy [...]

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