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British Columbia to implement speed limiters and in-cab warning devices

BC introduces mandatory speed limiters and in-cab warning devices BC is introducing two new safety measures: 1) Speed limiters which will be effective April 5, 2024; 2) In-cab warning devices effective June 1, 2024. First new measure: Speed Limiters In an effort to increase safety measures BC has announced that on April 5, 2024 [...]

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CARM and Carriers: Importing goods into Canada

CBSA introduces CARM for importers. Register before May 2024 Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has introduced its Assessment and Revenue Management system or CARM. This is to make importing goods into Canada more efficient and streamlined. Private Carriers bringing commercial goods into Canada will definitely want to take a look as it is most [...]

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Federally regulated Canadian drivers to gain paid sick leave

Canadian federal drivers gain 10 additional days of sick leave. Some good news for Canadian driver’s who are employed by federally regulated fleets. Starting December 1, 2022, drivers can now accrue up to 10 days of sick leave curtesy of Bill C-3. These days will be in addition to the five the personal days [...]

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Canadian Border removes all COVID-19 measures

  ArriveCAN no longer needed for commercial drivers to enter Canada  Canada has just released the news that the Government of Canada will be removing all COVID-19 border measures. The announcement stated that as of October 1, 2022, visitors and residents returning to Canada will no longer need to submit their details through the [...]

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Canadian Government is cracking down on Driver Inc. fleets

Driver Inc. Model is finally being shut down. The Canadian Government is taking a closer look at trucking operations to see if they are using a Driver Inc. business model. The previous year saw officials focusing on education and awareness, but now officials have moved forward with passing out penalties for those using the [...]

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DriveON: New, Simpler Program for commercial vehicle safety and emissions testing

Ontario is updating its emissions testing process Ontario is introducing a new emissions and safety inspection program for commercial motor vehicles called DriveON. This is combining the current annual safety inspections with the Etests for heavy (as in over 4500kg) diesel vehicles. Nothing changes for light passenger vehicles. The new program will make the [...]

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Changes to Ontario Class A and Class AR licence Requirements

Ontario adds a Class A/AR Manual Transmission Restriction Ontario has changed its restrictions for Class A/AR licences. Starting July 1, 2022 you will want to be sure to take your Class A/AR road test with a vehicle that has the kind of transmission you plan to be driving with on the regular. The new [...]

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Canadian ELD enforcement delayed until January 1, 2023

Canadian ELD mandate moved back until beginning of 2023Once again, the Canadian ELD mandate has been pushed back and will not be enforced until January 1, 2023. Originally slated to come into effect this June, the mandate has been pushed back six months due to lack of certified equipment for fleets to purchase.The Canadian Council [...]

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Ontario does away with licence plate stickers for passenger vehicles

Commercial vehicles excluded from new plate requirements in Ontario Some good news for those in Ontario. The Ontario government announced that they are doing away with licence plate stickers for passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, and mopeds. Sorry commercial drivers, the new plate sticker rules do not apply to you. Commercial vehicles will still need [...]

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Federally regulated truck workers to face vaccination mandate

Canada to mandate vaccines for federally regulated truck drivers Vaccine mandates continue to roll out to cover more sectors of the workforce. Federally regulated transportation workers will now need to provide proof of vaccination in early 2022. An official date has yet to be selected as the Canadian government says it is working with [...]

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