The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is reminding truck and bus operators that their annual brake blitz is scheduled for the week of September 8-14.

The CVSA expects about 30,000 trucks and buses will have their brakes inspected during the blitz.  Last year one o

ut of seven of the 21,255 vehicles inspected were put out of service due to brake related issues.  This was a the second yearly increase in a row.

“The essential message of Brake Safety Week is clear: properly functioning brake systems are crucial to safe vehicle operation and improperly installed or poorly maintained brakes must be kept off the road,” CVSA Executive Director Stephen Keppler said in the statement issued September 5.

Brake blitz

Brake Blitz Starts September 8

To help you prepare here are a few reminders:

  • Make sure your paperwork is in order.  Driver’s license, vehicle licenses and permits etc.
  • Do a proper pre-trip inspection, kicking the tires and lighting the fires is not a pre-trip.
  • Spend a bit of extra time checking for air leaks.  To check for leaks, do a 90 to 100 psi brake application, followed by a walk-around inspection of the vehicle, while listening for audible leaks.  Also make sure your low air pressure warning devices are working.
  • Make sure your brakes are in adjustment.
  • Be sure to have your vehicle properly maintained!  Proper maintenance might cost some money but in the end will  save you money and maybe a life.

With a bit of worthwhile effort you won’t be part of those put out of service next week.

Drive safe everyone!

The CVSA website has two surveys to test your knowledge on airbrakes.  For drivers   and technicians or mechanics.

photo credit: TranBC via photopin cc

photo credit: TranBC via photopin cc