Alberta Safety Fitness Certificate

Transportation Alberta has changed how to apply for a National Safety Code.

Attention Albertan Carriers! As of March 1, 2019, Alberta has changed its process for how commercial carriers apply for a National Safety Code number (NSC). New policy has come down resulting from conversations with key industry stakeholders, along with Albertans, to make roads safer.

An NSC is equivalent to Ontario’s CVOR, and Quebec’s NIR. If you have questions about what other operating authorities, you need to get your carrier operation up and running take a look at our Operating Authority page. It has a complete listing of Canadian and U.S. authorities you may need to obtain.

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Application process for an NSC number is not the only change

Not only is a new process in place for applying for an NSC number, but the province is also making standardized entry-level training mandatory in order to receive a class 1 (tractor trailer) or 2 (bus) driver’s licence.

Training now has a standardized curriculum, along with specified hours of training required in-class, in-yard and in-vehicle. The bad news is if you received your class 1 or 2 license in Alberta between October 10, 2018 and March 1, 2019, you will need to re-book to take the new enhanced knowledge and road test. The good news is that this will all be conducted at the expense of the government.

Prior to this change, Alberta was the only province with a privatized road test framework. Moving forward, all driver tests will be conducted by Government of Alberta employees. This will make fees, and quality of driver training and testing universal. Testing will be available at registry locations.

According to Brian Mason, Alberta Minister of Transportation, the new standards will result in safer roads, not only in Alberta but across the country. This will bring the current 25,0000 registered commercial carriers in Alberta into a standardized safety model, as well as the 4,000 new carriers that enter the industry each year.

How to get a National Safety Code Number in Alberta

New carriers must complete the online Safety Fitness Certificate application in order to apply for their NSC number. Getting your certificate involves completing a few steps. It’s a smidge more complicated than just paying a fee (which is now $150) and going on your merry way.  Getting certificated involves completing the new Pre-Entry. The Pre-Entry Program for New National Safety Code Carriers consists of a few steps.

1. A successful completion of the online Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) Compliance course.

    • The course contains six modules

2. Register your vehicle! Your vehicle must be registered at a registry office with:

        • Proof of ownership document
        • Proof of valid insurance
        • Acceptable ID
        • An out of province, salvage, or vehicle inspection (if required)

3. Now you can apply for your Safety Fitness Certificate by using the online portal

        • The following documents are needed for applying
          • Certificate of completion for the Safety Fitness Certificate Compliance Course
          • Motor Vehicle Identification (MVID) number associated ith your company (found on your vehicle registration document
          • Electronic copies of Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVIP) certificates. This is for vehicles designed for seating capacity of 11 or more.
          • Nature of your business
          • Amount of insurance coverage you carry
          • Where you operate- within or outside of Alberta
          • Confirmation that you have written safety and maintenance programs
          • Payment for application of $150

4. Take the SFC Compliance Knowledge Test.

  • This is administered by an Alberta registry agency and covers information in the Safety Fitness Certificate Compliance course
  • You must receive 80% or higher to pass

Once completing your test and receiving an 80% or higher and submitting your application online, your Safety Fitness Certificate will be issued once approved. It is important to note: You must place a copy of your Safety Fitness Certificate in each of the vehicles you are authorized to operate.

To get your operation up and running you must complete all the steps prior to commencing. As of January 1, 2019, the province stopped issuing temporary Safety Fitness Certificates. So you must complete the new application in full before starting services.

Next up: 9-12 month New Carrier Compliance Review

For this to be accomplished you must contact a government certified third-party auditor to arrange for a review. Don’t forget to do this as your Safety Fitness Certificate will be suspended until you do. And we’re sure you don’t want to lose any time with a suspension when you are establishing a new business.

There you are done! You have completed all the steps for the Pre-Entry Program for new carriers! There’s only one other detail you need to mark in your calendars…

The New Safety Fitness Certificate Expires every 3 years

As of March 1, 2019, any carrier that has an existing Safety Fitness Certificate will be issued an expiry date. Previous to the first of March, there were no expiration dates. Now the existing ones will be given an expiry date somewhere between 2019 and 2022 and will need to be renewed. After this you will need to schedule it into your calendar to renew every 3 years. The renewal fee has been set at $110.

Applying for your NSC sound daunting?

No worries, PSTC has your back. We can assist in getting you through the many steps of the new Pre-Entry Program as well as the rest of your operating authorities. Let’s make getting your business started easy as pie!

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