AOBRDS deadline. Switch to ELD

Time to switch from your AOBRD to an ELD

The AOBRD’s that had been grandfathered into the ELD mandate are soon to expire! The FMCSA had given fleets two years from December 16, 2017 when ELD’s became mandatory in the United States, to update the units in their vehicles from AOBRD’s to ELD’s.

AOBRD (Automatic On-Board Recording Device) was allowed after the December 2017 ELD deadline provided it was installed prior to December 17, 2017.

The extension for the AOBRD’s deadline is about to run out. As of December 16, 2019, anyone running a AOBRD system will have to change over to ELD. If your current HOS tracking device runs both technologies (such as the system from KeepTruckin) you’ll just have to change your device over to ELD mode. If you are running a device that only has AOBRD technology, then you’ll be looking to purchase new ELD’s for your fleet.

Remember: Even if you are a Canadian commercial driver, if you drive in the U.S. you need to meet their criteria. So Canadian commercial motor vehicle drivers will need to update their AOBRD units to ELD’s by December 16, 2019, as well.

It’s time to move over and learn some new technology for those who managed to put off learning something new for the last couple of years! We recommend not waiting until the last minute. It will be a lot easier to start training your drivers and staff on it now when the pressure is off and the deadline a couple months in the future.

As well, if you are purchasing new ELD’s for your fleet you’ll beat the rush at deadline time when all the procrastinators are making inquiries with companies for units. You’ll avoid downtime if you’re waiting on all your vehicles to be outfitted with ELD devices.

If you’re still looking for an ELD solution, we highly recommend our partner Motive (formerly KeepTruckin). They offer great devices at an affordable rate. You can check out their product here as well as compare prices for other ELD service providers.

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Why are AOBRD’s being phased out?

AOBRD’s do not have the level of technology needed to record and display that ELD’s can provide. While both ELD’s and AOBRD’s connect to a vehicles ECM to record hours of service, AOBRD’s don’t record data now required for reporting by the FMCSA.  As well AOBRD’s do not have the ability to transfer data as outlined in the ELD rule. ELD’s can use either the internet which uses either web services and email, or local transfer (ie Bluetooth and USB). The ELD rules state that data must be transferable during a roadside inspection.

Other differences between the ELD’s and AOBRD’s are:

  • Reclassification of drive time: AOBRD’s allow for manual classification of time be it a yard move or personal conveyance. ELD’s only allow for automated entries at each change of duty status.
  • Trigger for drive time: the ELD mandate states that if a vehicle exceeds 5mph drive time will be activated. AOBRD’s do not have this designation built in.

For a full listing of differences between ELD’s and AOBRD’s you can check out the FMCSA’s site.

How do ELD’s work?

ELD’s synchronizes with the vehicles engine to automatically record

  • Engine power status
  • Vehicle motion status
  • Miles driven
  • Engine hours
  • ID of driver, vehicle, and motor carrier
  • Duty status

ELD’s automatically record a driver’s duty status. The driver can use this to make sure their record of duty is accurate and complete. Drivers can add annotations on recorded events of driving time. This information can be sent upon request to an official to review during an inspection.

But I only drive in Canada… Do I need an ELD?

The short answer for right now in 2019, is no. However, it is to be noted that Canada is putting together its own ELD mandate. The Canadian government is providing a 24-month phase in period with a final deadline in June 2021. So, while domestic Canadian commercial vehicle drivers have some breathing room, eventually they will need to make the switch to an ELD system as well.

ELD’s, AOBRD’s: Clear as mud?!

If this still all seems a little daunting to get your fleet switched over in time for the AOBRD expiry, be sure to give us a shout. As an ELD provider we are happy to assist. Even if you are a small operation (or even a one-person operation) we can help you out. Click here to chat with an agent.