Alberta Introduces New Commercial Driver’s Abstract

Alberta just introduced an new and improved Commercial Driver’s Abstract (CDA) giving trucking companies more information then ever before in order to help increase safety on our public highways.  After much consultation with the trucking industry Alberta’s new abstract will now contain the following information:

-Moving violations

-Non-moving violations.  For example, hours of service, load securement, dangerous goods, mechanical issues and other such violations against the National Safety Code

-CVSA inspection results

-Collisions will NOT be shown on the new CDA.  This might be included on a future update.

Coat of arms of Alberta

Unlike a Driver’s Abstract the Commercial Driver’s Abstract does not include driver’s height, weight, sex, and date of birth information.

A CDA maybe obtained report by the driver and with a driver signed waiver by an employer or potential employer.  The CDA will contain 3 years of data with future plan to also provide a 5 year and 10 year version.

Abstracts can be obtain through any Alberta Registry Agent in person for a fee of $15.00 plus any service charges applied by the Registry Agent.   Carriers with an excellent safety fitness rating and includes carriers participating in the Partners in Compliance (PIC) program will not have to pay the $11 government fee when obtaining an abstract, although the Registry Agent service charge may still be applied.

Drivers and carriers are urged to obtain a CDA and review it carefully, reporting any errors as soon as possible.  Contact information is provided below.

Links of interest:

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Reporting moving violation errors contact Alberta Transportation, Driver Fitness and Monitoring at  780-427-8230; toll free by first dialing 310-0000

Reporting non-moving violation errors contact Alberta Transportation, Carrier Services at 403-340-5430; toll free by first dialing 310-0000.



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