About PSTC – Peter Suess Transportation Consultants & Fleet Management Solutions

Let PSTC help you keep your fleet running with drivers log auditing, permits and licensing, driver training, e-manifest solutions and much more.

Peter Suess Transportation Consultant, Inc. has been helping small and mid-sized trucking companies manage their fleet for over thirty years. We provide a wide range of services to help you focus on the most important part of your business: the customer.

Are your drivers in compliance? With dozens of different laws governing everything from time spent behind the wheel to drug and alcohol screening, you spend more time filling out forms and managing paperwork than you do running your business.

Proper record keeping not only keeps you in compliance with the law it also helps you ensure the safety of your drivers AND your equipment. Your clients want to know that their shipments are safe with you and we can help you give them the peace of mind they are looking for.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry and a well trained and friendly staff, we ARE your fleet management solution.

  • PSTC can help you setup and maintain an interactive filing system to manage your Driver, Drug & Alcohol, and Truck and Trailer Maintenance files.
  • PSTC can help you manage insurance claims and settlements by setting up a detailed accident register.
  • PSTC can help prepare you for MTO & US DOT compliance and safety audits.
  • PSTC can show you how to provide proper safety training to your staff and drivers.
  • PSTC provides FMCSA and Canadian Training in Hours of Service.
  • PSTC offers a Professional Driver Manual catered to your company’s needs.
  • Plus, PSTC offers a Professional Driver Improvement Course, Hazmat training, and much, much more.

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