2020 UCR fees delayed

Hold off paying your 2020 UCR fees until the FMCSA proposal is finalized.

The fees for the 2020 UCR season have been delayed as the FMCSA put forth a proposal for approval to decrease the fees again for the coming year. Last year saw fees reduced as revenues had exceeded the maximum allowed to collect. To make up for this overage the UCR fees were reduced for 2019.

The proposal from the FMCSA would see a 12.82% reduction from rates set in 2018. The rates for 2021 are proposed to be set at 4.19% below 2018. This is hoped to help keep revenues under the $107.78 million which is the maximum that can be held in the depository as per the UCR Plan and Agreement.

When will 2020 UCR fee rates be finalized?

So far no date has been specified as to when the fees will be finalized. However, the UCR board of directors has recommended giving 3 months leeway after the rates are finalized for carriers to register and submit payment for their fleets.

Hold off on paying your fees for 2020.

While some service providers may allow or encourage carriers to pay their 2020 fees early, we recommend that you hold off until the fees are finalized. Nothing can be processed until the rates are final, and since the amount is set to be reduced you might as well wait to save your business some moolah!

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If you care to review the FMSCA register posting you can find that here.