Carriers have until April 1st to file 2019 UCR

The 2019 UCR rates have finally been released! After much anticipation, carriers will now be able to file for the 2019 season. Rates have been given for 2020 as well, but as with all things we shall see come the fall if this stays steady.

Rates for 2019 UCR are as follows:

2019 UCR Rates Decided

Rates for 2020 UCR are as follows:

2020 UCR Rates

New Deadline for Filing 2019 UCR Paperwork and Fees

The UCR has stated that carriers will have until April 1, 2019, to file with the UCR and pay their fees.

Carriers filing will notice that there has been yet another reduction in fee rates. The rates for 2019 are down another 5% from the previous year. This is not as big of a percentage drop as was seen in 2018, which saw a 9% drop from the year before.

Filing Your 2019 UCR

If you need help with filing and making sure your paperwork is filled out correctly and on time, be sure to contact one of our friendly experts. PSTC will make sure your UCR is submitted correctly and on time to make sure your operation doesn’t experience any delays or penalties for late filing.

This is only one of the great reasons to work with a consultant agency such as ours. With the UCR changing the rates and deadlines it can be hard to stay on top of everything that is due and how much is due. Working with experts such as ourselves can take the headache and hassle out of your work.

This leaves you the time to work on more important aspects of your operation, and ensuring you are getting the best bang for your dollar. Contact us today to see how we can help your business run smoother.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and get you going in the right direction!

To see the original release from the UCR check out their website