2018 UCR Rates Decided

The trucking industry has been impatiently waiting for the UCR to decide and publish what the new 2018 UCR rates will be for the year ahead.  We have mentioned in previous posts, that the UCR has been meeting to decide what the new rates will be, due to over charging in past years. The next two years will see reduced fee amounts as the UCR compensates for the surplus.

The new rates for 2018 and 2019 are as follows:

UCR Fees for 2018:

Number of Trucks    Fee
0-2    $69
3-5    $206
6-20    $410
21-100    $1,431
101-1,000    $6,820
1,001 and above    $66,597

UCR Fees for 2019:

Number of Trucks    Fee
0-2    $73
3-5    $217
6-20    $431
21-100    $1,503
101-1,000    $7,165
1,001 and above    $69,971

The fees will come into effect once the UCR publishes the final rule, so carriers will be able to submit their registration and fees at that time.

UPDATE:  The UCR is providing a 90-day window to submit your fees and registration. This window will close April 5, 2018. After this date, you can receive a ticket for not registering on time.

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