2018 Roadcheck June 5 to 7

 Make sure you and your team are ready for inspection.

International Roadcheck is June 5-7 this year, so make sure you are tuned up and ready for an inspection.  A heads up that a major focus this year will be on hours of service, so make sure that you are compliant on your hours and have the correct technology (ELD, AOBRD if applicable) for where you are traveling.

Not sure what this inspection entails?

If you are not sure what all can be inspected during Roadcheck the CVSA has provided a downloadable sheet for your convenience found here.

Be Prepared

Take a page out of the Boy Scouts manual and be prepared as a huge number of inspections will occur. Last year the CVSA performed over 60,000 inspections! Some of the main vehicle violations found were: brakes, cargo securement, and tires. The main driver violations were: hours of service, wrong license class, false log books, and no seatbelt.

(check out our blog on new Class D license requirements that are coming July in Ontario).

Be sure to educate yourself, and other members of your team, on transportation safety and requirements.

Here are a few quick tips to pass your 2018 Roadcheck inspection:

  • Make sure your vehicle(s) look clean and presentable and are in excellent condition.
  • Make sure your driver looks clean and presentable.
  • Make sure your paperwork is in order, neat and tidy.
  • Be sure your truck binder is neat, orderly and up to date.
  • Take a moment and review it to be sure permits are up to date.
  • Make sure your driver does a vehicle inspection and everything is noted.

Remember the point of this event is to make sure everyone is educated and compliant with transportation safety laws. Everyone wants to be safe on the road. If need more tips and tricks head over to our other blog post here.

Do you hate paperwork and tracking permit renewals?

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