About PSTC

 Peter Suess Transportation Consultant Inc (or PSTC) is the vision of Peter Suess who saw a need in Southern Ontario for a company devoted to helping trucking companies succeed in an every changing world of rules and regulations.  Focusing his efforts on small to medium-sized carriers in the Greater Toronto area,  he was dedicated to providing his clients with the best possible information and tools available and worked closely with management to improve and maintain a superior safety rating.

As we focus on  smaller sized carriers we realize that it’s not about a one sized fits all process, therefore we cater our services to help our client’s unique needs, one carrier at a time.  PSTC’s personalized service with friendly staff sets us apart from the rest.

PSTC is a family owned business proud to be serving Ontario, Canada and the United States.

Let us help you protect your most valuable asset, your good safety rating visit us on the web at www.pstc.ca or call us at 877-796-7016

Some Services provided:

*MTO & US DOT Compliance & Safety Facility Audits
*Hours of service (HOS) training and meetings
* Driver log book auditing
*IFTA Fuel Tax reporting
* Permits and licencing
* Form 2290 submission
* IRP Agent
*Operating Authority
*ACE and ACI E Manifest service provider
*Driver license check using Verx Technology

Now Offering:


GPS and Asset Tracking

PSTC is a proud member of:

PSTC member of Infrastructure Health & Safety Association
Infrastructure Health & Safety Association

PSTC member of Brantford Chamber of Commerce

PSTC member of       North American Transportation Services Association

North American Transportation Services Association










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