Misleading Marketing: Now Targeting Your DOT Biennial Update

Marketers are using Scare Tactics to Add You to Their Client List We no sooner hit the publish button on our blog about emails impersonating the FMCSA for gaining business, when we received an email using another alarming marketing tactic. This time the sender is using the U.S. DOT Biennial Update deadline as their [...]

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Watch out for Fraudulent Marketing Ploys Targeting Carriers

Misleading and Fraudulent Marketers are Targeting Carriers to Try and Gain Their Business. One method is by impersonating the FMCSA. Unfortunately, we are living in a time where too many dishonest people are using misleading techniques to scare honest people into giving them their business. While this is not the first example we have [...]

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Canadian and U.S. Spring Thaw Weight Restrictions

Canadian and U.S. Spring Thaw Weight Restrictions Information All in One Place Ahhhh! Spring! It’s less than a month away from the first day of spring! That wonderful time of year, when the trees start to bud, the sun gets warmer, and the snow starts to melt. With spring around the corner, that means [...]

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OOIDA Pushes for Small Business ELD Exemption

Small trucking businesses may be given a reprieve from the ELD mandate. Small businesses may be spared from the FMCSA’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.  The Owner Operator Independent Driver Association (OOIDA) has requested that small trucking businesses be exempt, providing the business has a safety rating above “unsatisfactory”. If the proposal gets approved, [...]

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Crossing the Border? What you need to know about ACE and ACI eManifests

Are you new to the trucking industry? Or looking to expand your company to include international deliveries? If so, this blog is for you.  When crossing the Canada and U.S. border, it doesn’t matter whether you are heading south or north, an eManifest is required by both countries. Canada’s eManifest requirement is the ACI (Advanced [...]

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Canadian ELD Mandate: What you need to know

Will ELD's become mandatory in Canada too? With ELD’s now mandatory in the United States, Transport Canada is putting together a draft bill on making ELD’s mandatory in Canada as well. The provinces have yet to sign off on a finalized bill, but it is in the works to come into effect in 2019. [...]

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UCR Fee Update: Rates Decided!

The trucking industry has been impatiently waiting for the UCR to decide and publish what the new 2018 UCR rates will be for the year ahead.  We have mentioned in previous posts, that the UCR has been meeting to decide what the new rates will be, due to over charging in past years. The [...]

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Update on ELD Mandate: ELD Exemptions and Ease of Transition

*UPDATED* March 23, 2018 As the ELD mandate looms closer, it has left many drivers and carriers wondering where they stand. Various industry’s in the world of trucking are applying for waivers and exemptions from the mandate that will come into effect December 18, 2017. Many companies are concerned that this one size fits [...]

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Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

  Winter brings about a whole new set of dynamics to those of us living in the north. While it gives us fun times on the ice rink, or the ski hill, it doesn’t bring as much fun to our drives. Not only do we need to be more careful on the road, greater [...]

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UCR Fee Deadline and Rates Still Undecided

Hold off on Paying your Fees Hold off on paying your UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) fees as a decision has still not been reached on what 2018 rates will be. The UCR has an excess of funds, more than the statutory maximum allows. This means that the UCR is looking to reduce 2018 fees, [...]

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