Ontario Senior Class A Drivers Licence Change

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Ontario Senior Class A Drivers Licence Change

Class A drivers over age 65

Not all Ontario senior drivers are ready for the rocking chair and Ontario agrees

Class A license holders in Ontario who reach the age of 65 have something to celebrate.  Ontario finally moved forward in eliminating the annual road test requirement for many of our senior commercial drivers.

According to the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, this new amendment will come into effect April 1, 2013.

Currently drivers at the age of 65 and up who hold A, B, C, E and F licenses must do an annual written and road test along with an annual medical in order to maintain their class of license.   Many senior drivers have indicated it is a burden for them as they have to line up vehicles, take time off of work and pay for these tests.

The Highway Traffic Act amendments  include:

  • Class A, B, C, E and F licence holders, aged 65 to 79 will not be required to complete an annual road test. The licence renewal period and the frequency of the knowledge tests will change to every five years (from every year) for these drivers.
    • Medical requirements will stay the same (A medical report, including a vision test, must still be submitted every year to the nearest DriveTest Centre (DTC).
  • Driver Intervention Program: A senior commercial driver may require testing (including vision, knowledge and all relevant road tests) if:
    • They are involved in an at-fault collision with a corresponding moving violation conviction, or
    • They have accumulated more than two demerit points.
  • If the driver does not successfully complete these tests within 60 days from the date of request, their licence will be downgraded to a class G or GM.
  • Class D licence holders, aged 65 to 79, will now be required to complete a vision and knowledge test as part of the licence renewal process every five years. They will also be subject to the Driver Intervention Program.
  • The Z endorsement tests have been aligned with the amended written and road testing cycles.
    • The written air brake test is required along with the written commercial knowledge test (every 5 years).
    • The practical air brake test is required when a road test is triggered by one of the conditions (accumulation of more than 2 demerit points, or at-fault collision with a corresponding moving violation conviction).
  • The annual testing requirements (vision, knowledge and road test) for class A, B, C, D, E and F drivers 80 years of age and older have not changed.

As our senior population remains healthier and many want to work past age 65, not to mention in the near future the retirement age in Canada will increase to 67, this new amendment to the Highway Traffic Act couldn’t come fast enough.

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