Do your drivers have a suspended or invalid drivers license?

//Do your drivers have a suspended or invalid drivers license?

Do your drivers have a suspended or invalid drivers license?

One bus company faces a major nightmare in a Waterloo NY bus and tractor trailer crash.  

July 22, 2011 Buffalo NY

“BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) – A tour bus crashed along the New York State Thruway between Rochester and Syracuse around 1:30 Friday morning. It happened in Waterloo when the bus was struck from behind by a tractor trailer……..But State Police told reporters at a news confernce the driver of the bus, 60-year-old Rene Bisson of Welland, Ontario, was not allowed to operate a commercial vehicle in the state. He had two past speeding tickets and his commercial license was not valid in New York State. State Police say Bisson now faces misdemeanor charge of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. “

8700 suspected drivers with invalid licenses in one Southern Ontario city

“Sudbury ON, The Subury Star” A recent news story from Sudbury Ontario reported that about 8,700 driver on the road in that city are invalid or suspended drivers.  That is about 17% of the drivers on the road.  Shocking!   It so shocked city officials they are looking at purchasing the same technology that the Ontario Provincial Police use, a system that scans licence plates of vehicles and pulls up data on the car and plate owner.  This will capture more vehicles and drivers that have expired plates or invalid driver licences.

Suspended drivers are involved in 2.3% of fatal or injury crashes

Ontario Ministry of Transportation reports approximately 2.3 per cent of all fatal and injury crashes in Ontario involve drivers with suspended or revoked licences.

Suspended drivers hurt us all

This is just the start!  Legal fees, fines, insurance problems and possible refusal to pay, law suits, lowered safety rating, possible safety audits, possible revocation of operating authority not to mention the cost of a life.  This is not the way you want to find out you have an unqualified driver behind the wheel of your company vehicle, no matter what size it is.

Could this have been your driver with a suspended license?

Do your drivers hold a suspended drivers license?

Did you know that over 10% of the drivers on the road today have an invalid license or no license at all? That means that hundreds of thousands who are legally forbidden from operating a vehicle are out there driving right now. Are some of your drivers among the thousands who are breaking the law? The costs that an unlicensed driver can bring to your company are enormous. Not only are you in jeopardy of having to pay hefty fines and legal fees, these drivers are also FIVE TIMES more likely to be in an accident. That means damaged equipment, lost productivity, and costly personal liability claims. Protect yourself and your customers by letting Peter Suess Transportation Consultant, Inc. verify and validate your driver’s licenses.

Never worry about a suspended driver, interlock requirement or even a fake drivers license

Never worry again about whether or not the driver you just hired has a clean record. We will find out everything that you need to know about your driver’s licensing status and we will provide it to you in record time. No more delays or government red tape to fight through.   Just provide us with some basic information and we can have the results back in your hands in no time at all.

We check all Canadian driver licenses

We can process one driver or one hundred. Let our staff take the worry and responsibility of driver’s license verification off of your hands so you can concentrate on your business and your customers.

Other value added services

In addition to our rapid driver’s license verification, Peter Suess Transportation Consultant, Inc. offers a wide array of fleet management services to make your life a lot easier. Form driver verification to fuel tax reporting, we make it simple to keep your trucks legally and safely on the road. Here is just a sampling of some of the other services we provide to our clients:

  •  • Driver Log Auditing
  • • Pre-Employment Screening (including PSP)
  • • Managing Operating Authorities
  • • Validating permits and licensing (including IRP and other certificates)
  • • E Manifest submission to ACE and ACI But that’s just the beginning.

We know the industry.

We have over thirty years of experience in fleet management. We know what it takes to run a successful trucking company and we want to pass that knowledge and expertise on to you. Your company relies on the skill and safety of your drivers and we can ensure that you have only the best drivers available. We will help you refine your hiring process so that you don’t waste time on applicants who fail to meet basic criteria. We can review the applications information, conduct the appropriate background and drug screening, and even test their driving knowledge. We will help you quickly find the drivers you need. We also provide road testing for new and existing drivers. From the moment you hand him the keys to the moment the truck arrives at the loading dock our expert examiners will let you know exactly where your driver shines and where there may be an opportunity for improvement. Peter Suess Transportation Consultant, Inc. is in business to make your business easier to run. Fleet management can be a mess of paperwork and record keeping. Let us handle all of the headaches involved with licensing, certification, and other legal requirements. Call us today so that we can discuss a fleet management solution that works best for you.

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