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Offering a comprehensive range of services for all of your fleet’s licensing, reporting and compliance needs, Peter Suess Transportation Consultant Ltd.’s experts combine experience and superior customer service to keep your fleets compliant and safe on the road. As a full service solution for your fleet management needs we offer everything to keep you running efficiently. We are always on the pulse of the industry and make it our priority to keep you informed of key changes to your compliance requirements.

Hours of Service (HOS)

Hours of Service Drivers Log Auditing

Now more then ever carriers can’t afford to overlook their Driver’s Hours of Service. Not only does not knowing increase your violations and impact your safety rating, it is the law.

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Electronic Logging Device

GPS Tracking and Electronic logging

GPS tracking, e-logging plus so much more make our suite of products and services flexible and affordable enough for the single driver to large fleets using technology you may already own.

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Trucking Permits and Licensing

Permits & Licensing

Whether yours is a new company or existing, PSTC’s licensing and registration services ensure that your vehicles have the credentials required to comply with all industry regulations.

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Load Broker and Freight Forwarder

Load Broker & Freight Forwarder

Both terms are commonly used to define a person or company that acts as a middle man between shippers and carriers. A load broker often works with a shipper to help them.

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E Manifest Solutions/ACE & ACI

Peter Suess Transportation Consultant Inc is a third party E Manifest service provider committed to providing personalized 24 hour service.

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IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

We offer free pick and delivery of IFTA trip reports in the GTA and some surrounding areas.
IFTA Reports can be sent directly or you can email, fax, or upload to our cloud server.

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